The Mission

Visualize. Actualize. Magnify.

Magnifying Expectations is a Behavioral Health firm that offers evidenced-based treatment (therapeutic modalities to offer solution focused strategies) to individuals struggling with suicidality, low self worth and relationship difficulties related to depressed mood, anxiety and trauma.

Magnifying Expectations has three guiding principles. We believe that self-awareness is the best catalyst for change. We believe that all behavior is a form of communication.  We believe that you are the expert in your healing journey.

It is important that we get to know YOU! We want to understand your unique needs, your goals, your values and how YOU show up in the world. How do others perceive you? What does your behavior and responses communicate to others?

At the conclusion of our journey together, it is our sincere hope that you leave us enjoying the sound of your own internal voice as well as feeling confident in your ability to connect with others while maintaining your own expectations.
We are your committed partner.  Let’s Magnify!


About the Founder

CHERON CROUCH is the founder of Magnifying Expectations LLC, a behavioral health firm, where she combines her lived experiences and clinical expertise to mount winning therapeutic strategies for clients. Armed with over 15 years of clinical practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor, Cheron honed her skills for providing therapy to children, adolescents, and adults at diverse stages of mental functioning. Cheron has branded her unique form of therapy in her signature workshop entitled “Unfriending Your Inner Critic.” Using trauma-informed approaches to care, Cheron tenderly defines and addresses “the inner critic” as one’s inner voice living rent free in our heads; constantly judging, criticizing, and demeaning us at key times in our lives. Cheron is passionate about locating and evicting the inner critic occupying space in the minds of her clients because this voice is often the driver of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideology.  

In addition to being a trained and licensed professional counselor, Cheron has solid program management, human resources supervision, and operational leadership capacity in social services and public health, where she develops, monitors, and sustains local, state, and federal-funded multi-year grant programs.

Cheron knows firsthand the roots and results of coping with an inner critic, as she courageously faces life after having overcome a childhood marked by key factors commonly associated with negative outcomes for youth at greater risk. Transparently, Cheron continues to struggle with honoring a single-mom who did the best she could, while she embraces personal growth and achievement. According to Cheron, “Addressing my own inner critic helps me empathize with my clients and their support systems in ways that I believe makes me a better therapist.” Click here to schedule an appointment. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.